Statement of Solidarity of BAYAN with the Third World Resistance Coalition on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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The Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (New Patriotic Alliance ) in the Philippines joins the Third World Resistance in San Francisco, California, in its annual march and rally today January 15, 2015, to reclaim Martin Luther King’s radical legacy.

The Third World Resistance – a coalition of groups opposed to racial injustice and discrimination against the people of color in the US – has led mass actions such as shutting down the Federal Building after continued killings by police of Black and Brown people.

Bayan lauds the Third World Resistance in its political actions against impunity by the police and other state forces not only through mass actions but also political education which is key to a deeper understanding of larger issues of imperialism, impunity, people’s struggle, liberation, and many more.

In the Philippines, the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, as an umbrella organization of progressive mass organizations, has continued the struggle for national liberation and democracy that our forbears had fought for since the three centuries of Spain’s colonial rule, invasion and occupation by Japan, and the continuing semi-colonial rule of US imperialism.

Bayan’s commitment as a mass movement is to uphold and dedicate its work in memory of thousands of Filipino martyrs who laid down their lives so that our country may one day live in freedom, democracy, peace and justice.

When he was alive, Martin Luther King led not only the Black people in the US, but throughout the world. He fearlessly stood for their liberation against US imperialism and for their self-determination. He was martyred, but the causes that he vigorously for have remained fresh and continue to inspire oppressed peoples.

Bayan urges its members in the US including their allies – Third World Resistance among them – to condemn US imperialism, racism, all forms of reaction, impunity of the ruling class on the workers and American people including other nationalities, through protest actions, indoor activities, statements, alliance work, international solidarity work and reaching out to a broader network of anti-US imperialism groups.

As the political center for the open mass mobilizations against the three enemies of the Filipino people – imperialism, domestic feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism – , Bayan has led numerous massive demonstrations, people’s strikes, big and small actions against the dictatorship of the US-Marcos regime, the corruption of the US-Estrada regime, the US military bases and facilities in Clark Air Base and Subic Naval Base, the nuclear power plant in Bataan, the Visiting Forces Agreement, and many more since its establishment in May, 1985.

Like Martin Luther King, Bayan has not wavered in its commitment to continue the struggle for land for the landless peasants, just wages for the workers, free education for the youth of our land, freedom for our political prisoners, against imperialist globalization, and so on.

Bayan believes that the Filipino people will prevail through their unity.

The victory of the Filipino people against US imperialism – the biggest enemy of the world – will be its biggest contribution to the weakening of US domination in the world.

Long Live International Solidarity!

The Bagong Alyansang Makabayan ( Bayan )
(New Patriotic Alliance )