Third World Resistance Statement on the Muslim Ban


October 9, 2017

No Ban on Stolen Land!

Freedom to Move, Freedom to Stay, Freedom to Return, and Freedom to RESIST!

Trump’s latest iteration of an international travel ban is his third flailing attempt at asserting U.S. dominance around the world and distracting the public from the economic and political crisis that his administration has only intensified. In specifically targeting Muslim countries and naming that religious group in his first ban, Trump faced the solidarity of millions, including Third World Resistance led by AROC at SFO, who mobilized together to roundly defeat the ban and free the family members and travelers detained unlawfully at almost every U.S. international airport.

The rights of the migrants and refugees were upheld and immediately asserted up to the Supreme Court, and while U.S. courts have partially blocked the second version of Trump’s Muslim travel ban proposed in June, Third World Resistance continued to assert the Freedom to Move, the Freedom to Stay, the Freedom to Return, and especially the Freedom to Resist any version of this discriminatory travel ban. Before the courts finish their deliberation early next month, Trump released this third, “larger, tougher, more specific” version, which now adds Chad, another Muslim majority country in Africa. In a thinly veiled attempt to dilute the Islamophobic and unconstitutional nature of Trump’s original Muslim Travel Ban and preempt a negative decision by the Supreme Court, it also limits travel from North Korea and Venezuela as well.
Adding North Korea and Venezuela to the list of countries from which some travel would also be restricted lays bare the imperialist and repressive grounds of this travel ban. All countries listed have been the targets of U.S. war, military intervention, and political and economic sanctions. Importantly, along with many of the Muslim majority countries, Venezuela and North Korea are increasingly and openly demonstrating opposition to U.S. intervention in a moment when U.S. imperialist influence is declining in those regions. This travel ban is a response not only at attempting to assert greater economic, political, and military control in Southwest Asia and North Africa, but also to strengthen U.S. imperialism in the Asia-Pacific and Latin American regions as well.

Facing growing unpopularity, internal administrative crises, a failed domestic healthcare and tax policy agenda, and a stagnant economy, Trump’s actions are exposing the fraying edges of U.S. hegemony and bring us closer to an intensified war with the world. More and more he is becoming a laughing stock at home and internationally, and unable to appease his massive ego, he will fail yet again to build his border wall against Mexico and to permanently ban Muslims from entering the country.

Like the countries of Western Europe, where xenophobia and neo-fascism are also on the rise, this focus on border controls, physical walls, and the scapegoating of migrants and refugees is exposing the deeper crisis we are all facing, namely the economic and political crisis of imperialism. As nativist neo-fascism and imperialist wars are intensifying to continue the oppression of migrants, refugees, and all peoples, millions are rising up to fight back, here in the United States and around the world. We will not leave it up to the courts to decide our fate, but we will organize and mobilize against any move to restrict our human rights as forced migrants and refugees, as people of color and workers in the U.S., and as communities and movements fighting for national liberation and self-determination.

No Ban, No War, No Wall, Sanctuary for All!